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the prolonged faulty digestion and consequent assimilation of
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not. This is a doctrinal point which we must discuss. Before pro-
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each irrigation. To insure theij* maturing and to in-
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pain, and allows the patient to go about, with only the incon-
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cholera, as demonstrated by bacteriological examination at the
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Edinburgh in July, 1905, from ethhyl chlorid. Details are lacking.
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Alexander, Richard H., Licut€7icint-Col0nel and Surgeon.
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a direct correlation between standard of living and tuberculosis.
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to his health " from the pestilent smoke of this city" {nudUjnus
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especial value when the retraction ring has receded high up. One cannot
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human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic in a com-
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which had prevailed, and advised him to employ some-
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to. A draught, containing half a drachm of the liquor ammonias
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The first lecture I ever heard on diseases of the anus and rectum
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acid. The above has given him entire satisfaction for nine or tea
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doing I shall entirely pass over those equivocal cases in which a
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for seventeen varieties is eighteen and one-half per cent,
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should be introduced, unless it becomes necessary, because
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<; chia carried with violence upwards, do not pafs
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14, et seq. ; Mk. ix : 14, et seq. ; Lk. ix : 37, et seq.
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word-blindness made its appearance isolated from all
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Wells, William L., New Rochelle, Westchester Co. Original.
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is just as essential as the remedy,, for if every part of the
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lation and scrupulous cleanliness. The floors are painted. The
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cases of this disease were notified, of which twenty-four died. Dr. Hope
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101^iy°. At this later hour he is stuporous and hard to rouse. He
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transfusion of 500 c.c. was given on the nineteenth day of the
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edema was considered severe enough to necessitate dis-
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going the most stable and constructive processes of repair that
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tious food, or by breathing a corrupted atmosphere, &c. ; or secondly,
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ever been practised with a view of getting rid of these animalcules, and, as
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and this latter coat be drawn out through the shaft, entirely freed

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