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colon, or points forward because of the vaginal attachments.
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show the utter inadequacy of any of these theories to explain the
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The bacillus grows upon all ordinary culture media — rapidly at body
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collection of pus was also actually present in the right kidney.
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' the same general principles that obtain in spavin and ring-bone —
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recognition of this group is most important and many instances of infection
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opaque the meal ah'eady in the stomach. When the decision was made to
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in which the cause of the disease is uncertain, but its rapid increase renders it
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The urine in yellow fever is generally acid ; its density varies with
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localities than in others not very distant, and where hygienic
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in the use of paraldehyde. He had employed it largely for
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6. Gordon HE, Walkup J: Scrotal pneumatocele as an unusual |
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ena are so striking that he who sees them once in well-developed
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at times. He has no cough or expectoration; no dyspnea; no precordial
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of making custards. In such cases treacle is given to the calf
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further indicated by violent throbbing in the temporal arteries.
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of Mathematical, Physical, Natural and Economic Science,
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This opinion of Virchow' s upon the nature of the various
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Dr. Leffingwell in Document 78 has referred to certain
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plane, that on the right side being at a lower level. The patient could
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doses or for a sufficient length of time to cause purgation: the dose should
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motor nerves by the great sympathetic, which thus, in a certain number of in-
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Cows are very susceptible just after calving and often per-
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1859, vol. ii, p. 501, states, in reference to a case of his, that,
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There are two conditions which may accompany fracture of the

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