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specific microorganism and are no longer repelled by them.

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England, and the accommodations will be of the highest order,

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however, on all proper occasions and to all proper persons, always ready

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daily contact with our lives, but perhaps the most familiar is the

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fused to accept the call to the University of Leipzig.

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alue of the diet should be estimated and made to answer

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their very thick walls, which we first knew, from the researches

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Sales Offices and Service Stations in all principal cities

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syringe, the force of the stream being regulated by the elevation of the bag.

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sepsis; (c) injury to the neighboring structures; (d) less danger

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rectus has never failed to reveal the fibers of the nerve in all the

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the ichor-apraemia of others. He believed with Dr. Robert

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tence, we think, involves a most mischievous fallacy. We do not " rescue " the

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diHiculties. It is, moreover, in my opinion, strongly contra-indicated

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known suspensions of pneumococci, and again heated at 55°C. for

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equipped surgical formation within eight hours, being there-

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272. Potatoes (Escalloped) — Ingredients — Cream, a large piece

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most rigid care and management. We believe it to be an

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the laboratory and a complete autopsy was not obtained. The le-

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increased to an average of 0.87 for seven drug experiments. As this

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on the teeth ; a dirty, sticky secretion lines the mouth ; the

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Melvin Dresbach, A. W. Elting, Otto A. Faust, L. W. Gorham,

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ciation," will he held in the city of Boston, Mass., on Tuesday, the 13th

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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.

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enough to mask the anticomplementary effect of some particular serum

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was at our service. The ones to which Dr. Minor gave

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pysemic cases their virulent character. Judging, however, from

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