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tion have been denied, and as a means of stamping out the

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diplegias, and that the involuntary movements should be regarded

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Resorcin in Summer Complaint. — Dr. Brooker writes to

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between the straight and convoluted divisions of the urinary

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illustrations a clear descriptive text, with many historical references,

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cases of measles in the series, and in eleven of these the interstitial

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tion. Heidelberg, 1891. — 83. Bruns. Berlin, klin. Woch. 1888, xxv. p. 90. — 84.

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in Ohina. Reprinted from China Medical Journcd, November, 1920,

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It is upon this organic materialized memory inherited frpm

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fitted to assume whatever responsibility life may assign to us.

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distressing symptoms of locomotor ataxia, but would stop

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pipes. But it is stated that " the great object of the casing

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severe disease of the bones or viscera, or both, occurs in young infants

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few practitioners, we believe, realize the great advantages which would accrue,

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undoubtedly to be found in diseased follicles, yet it is by the

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Cowell considers to be always syphilitic. Ihis form of ulcer, on whatever part

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a stimulus to the mind which is at once animating and healthful, has laid us un-

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iodide separates in long splendid red prisms of four and six

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dangerous parts of the country. He stole indeed, as

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Where cultures cannot l)e made it is recommended to continue the isolation

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find in all autopsies 20 per cent, to 25 per cent, of the

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2. The brain requires one-tenth of a second to transmit its orders to

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On the announcement of the result of the ballot, the

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mortality among the children in this institution was some-

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twenty drops or grains, well diluted, followed afterward by

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