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is hardly entitled to be reckoned in the list of hepatic affections. It will
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connected view of the subjf ct in its most modern aspects; and for the busy practitioner who
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The velum pendulum palati, on the side of the paral3^zed limbs, is some-
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or defective ventilation, but these may act as auxiliar}- causes rendering
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as a strong argument in favour of the deformities of her hand
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with Johnston and Willems that they are sensory rather than
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tency remains still to be proved. It has been usual to regard
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flammation and prevent its extension. But with reference to this object,
tion was for a long period concealed from the patient. It is a curious
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sor muscles, and why the muscles of the upper should be affected much
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structures may be recognized during the development of the
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tenant-Colonel, Medical Insp(H'tor U. S. A., Prof, of the Practice of Surgery, with
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Exclusive of cases in which the immediate cause of death is uraemic
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both ears is frequently marked. General and special sensibility are dimin-
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granules give rise to the production of fat as Alzheimer did.
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Nor is this line of conduct consistent with either reason or experience.

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