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quantity of salt-petre is used in the curing of it. I do

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jerk of the body as we were falling asleep. This, in certain cases, is

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1st. A feeling of fullness, or binding, or cord-like sen-

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diverse in character ; no wife can respect a husband who is her inferior,

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nia is noticed in the Western Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences for

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Mr. Bryant recommends **the taxis," and when this fails, herniotomy.

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In the second, period of softening and transformation, the swelling

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was made through the abdominal wall, just below and

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to the field hospitals ; but to such, even at the field dressing-

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In case of fits arising plainly from exhaustion, there need

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been out of the town, although the fact is now known.

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oculations of the streptococci of erysipelas, even in association with

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ly as large as his body, which is not small, so he could at-

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work in first aid. Statistics indicate that those who re-

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from time to time, and the parents had refused to enter-

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Cwmcfl;— James Allen, Esq^ York; E. BaUy, Esq., Liverpool ; Edgar Barker. F.R.C.S.B. ;

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significance of the special blood picture in hand. To

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temporary relief. Scattered through his pages are other instances

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energy and social enthusiasm to make in a voluntary capacity. The

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ing exercises will be given in a later chapter; but the mental part of

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far, I have in st^vcral insiancos indulged in speculations and

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tives, at a time when the Holy City was in the hands

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ceed, without waiting for authority from the j^olice authorities, and

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its life are Bunt, Smut, Rust and Mildew, and Ergot, while

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with the infufion of faffron, and give without wafle


gests the possibility that the lungs may be invaded from foci

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