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dies; or otherwise, by imprisonment for not less than one year nor

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tusion, especially when the cicatricial integument is non-vascular,

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poses. The nature and characters of the injuries resulting from

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age. Two recovered and two died. In two other cases in which

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GRINDELIA ROBUSTA is indigenous to Cal fornia. Of it we make the following preparations- !

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oT whom 118 came from Ireland: 61 died in the City Charities; of

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brain with which the organ is in specific sympathy ; accord-

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Intestinal obstruction, The surgical management of, 995

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the excellent pioneer work he has accomplished in the face

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are somewhat doubtful as to whether his efforts will be crowned with success.

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paper should be read to empty benches. It seems to me it is hardly

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mosis of the circle of Willis. This would suggest the expediency of

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everything seems to concur to produce an altered state of the blood,


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there results an actual weakening of the wall with, sooner or later, the

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seizure. Put the body in a position of ease, and do not disturb the patient.

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chloride, consequently an excess of chlorides indicates sewage

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fatal ipsilateral stroke, surgery provided a relative risk reduc-

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fleet. This volume contains facts sufficient to justify a watchful eye

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derived from any form of diseased udder is one entirely for

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side of a rocky hill, surrounded by others, which tower to

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10 Dunn MI. Alexander JK. de Silva R, Hildner F: Antithrombotic therapy

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up ill succession several varieties of the affection, as follows : " 1. Super-

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Mr. 8eton Pringle read a communication on this subject.

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have begun insidiously. Perhaps the most surprising feature is the. contin-

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