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in some cases by repeated aspirations we could control the infection.
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tnany improvdmeats, which- 1 had not before thought of^
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as Osgood-Schlatter's disease of traumatic and inflammatory origin,
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or that can be found in my writings or practice. It is
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wounded man from the field, if it were necessary to raise his head
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inftammatory excitement ot the Pcfi ex Centers of the
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No two individuals see disease with the same image,
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needle. The wound was closed and dressed exactly as in the
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is, he is asked to give all these facts, and then, as an
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parts surrounding the affected joint. In addition also to the
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Sec. 4. That the said State tuberculosis commission shall have the power to
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manner in which it acts in preventing disease, and it
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is well, and for a few weeks afterwards, two or three times
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and the average duration of the disease in these cases, up
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Ononis spinosa, decoction of, in the treatment of pul-
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two and one-half years he has had five more intravenous salvarsan injections and
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to recall the name of Bichat, and to point to the refined
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he was entirely recovered. He has continued to enjoy good health up
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put a quart measure into a pint.'* He replied, " I have been
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traced. He regarded the iodoform poisoning as one of the inci-
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diffusion. Ships become contaminated by receiving infected persons on
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ture, ventilation, cleanliness, and quiet — the various ap-
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body, Marasmus, collapse and death; while in the Fatty Degeneration
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the mentally afflicted, can trot fail to be of much use in

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