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Semipurulent exudations in the joints have been noted in some cases.

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disease, even although a joint intervene between the seat of the primary disease

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Counsellor of the " Societa Italiana di Storia delle Scienze mediche

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the stools, but it also reHeves tenesmus. In mild cases the sahne

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of the feet, and palms of the hands; abdomen swollen and tender on

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ably lowered. Albuminuria and hieraaturia, recurring from time

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The book is certainly the best account which has yet

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the additional one of obstructing the flow of intestinal

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The author then relates his investigations into three cases of atropine

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Chief of Medical Staff of the House of Detention; Lecturer

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which seemed to favor the recovery of power to sleep.

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date of matriculation. Application blanks may be secured from the

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rats die and disappear, and the many infected fleas left l>ehind

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when they recurred every other week, gradually diminishing in quantity,

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dishes whereof some are light of digestion, as chickens, kid,

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prepares them for ingestion by the leucocyte. Its independence of the

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called Colles' law does express a well-establislied and very important

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of muscular tissue it acts well, by augmenting chemical changes in

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corn meal with a tablespoonful of red pepper and tablespoonful of

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Sir John F. H. Broadbent, London, England (by invitation),

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the faculty; And, again, it was further argued that the public

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as to the surgical method. Open the stomach, fiad the bleeding point

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On August 6, 1919, he was caught in a deck winch and sustained a

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enipliv.Hi-rna of buck; no pleural tfTuHioii ; dnitli twi'tve

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that a book dealing comprehensively with the question is assured

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as needed by the College activities. Alice Staff members lost to MDS during the

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ease is, an over-crowded condition of the coops, and al-

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par l'auteur. Bean volume in-la, orn6 d'un portrait 2 fr. 00; franco 2fr.2J

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aa well as to the *^ living American Practitioners."

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and therefore not under suspicion of Wing jiartly inununised by

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\ of an inch to ij inches high. In twenty-three days

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me'dicale : Phisalix and Bertrand reported the result of experiments with

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