Ky Jelly Non Latex Condoms

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the former first described in the Report of the Bureau of Animal Industry

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To whom all communications, subscriptions, exchanges, books for review, etc., should

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I refer to its power to relax the arterial system. And this brings us to

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machinery. Our sable brother is almost a stranger to nervous dis-

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Medical Observation, January 5, 1880, Dr Tarbell states that

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Surgeons of Edinburgh, and took lodgings at No. 3, Rutland Street, in

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<rerm met with in the disease, caused by milk, which

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Meningitis tuberculosa is peculiarly a disease of infancy, appearing far more

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a chronic endocarditis alone, a pulmonary emphysema,

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the eyeballs, usually conjoint, in rare cases affecting one eye only or

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of sugar in the urine. Allen, however, has emphasized the fact that in

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•This phrn.'se, like that rcferrine to Johns Hopkins, is taken from n

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a day or two and then return to it until compelled to give up again. ^ A

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received extract of antipneumococcus serum subcutaneously forty-six

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between our cherished professional tradition that every medical man

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idea that circumcision often relieved urinary incon-

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that the greater portion of the white matter had the usual greenish color,

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we can picture the disgust of the fastidious Mrs. Delany

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attacks. — Charles L. R., ast. twenty-seven years,

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£3.443 l^s. was raised, and in 1754, the same year

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narrowing of the cavity and the strengthening of its

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broad at the lower part of the abdomen down to the peritoneum.

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Resolved, That the thanks of the Convention be presented to Dr.

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in size. Considerable emaciation and cachectic appearance. Tumor

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until a sufficient degree of warmth through this medium

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antisepsis by means of the actinic rays. For anesthesia the

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