Yasmin Verones

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or with other eruptions. This is most commonly met with in females,
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urine as it passes to the bladder, will remain so in the bladder, and when
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a cyst which is formed at one side of the frenum, which is painless in its
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the grafs is fucculent and tender. In the horfe, on.
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legs. If not quickly remedied, it term.inates in fpee-
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the oedema of the feet, and the nervous symptoms are, like those of
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The source of uric acid. — The over-charging of the blood in gout with
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folated Italy and Germany from 171 1 to 1714, under the ap-
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it Streptococcus morbilli. Tunnicliff and Ferry and Fisher claim to
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all the extremities of their flefh are covered with it.
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External applications. — Counter-irritation has always been a favourite
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sporulation commences. At one end of each of the rods a highly refractile
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or a leg is twisted, and the femur snaps. There is no bending of the bone
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present, and the patient usually survives several tappings. Eeference to
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made by man to surgery. Owing to the discoveries of Lister, hospitals
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" the fhepherd walks flow, to let them feed at their
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poisoning, Ballard has shown that of thirteen instances of meat poisoning,
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poflible, becaufe of the creature's difficulty of tak-
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contents be discharged without mixed infection of the cavity.
yasmin verones
organs they may remain unaltered in the caseous condition for a long time,

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