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it in between one and two per oent. of the bodies in the
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maintains that it is not an ante-mortem pathological change, but a post-mortem
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J^^Sfices.'-^AMtt R. Wood, M.D., Lbwis A. Satrb, M.D., Srsranr
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For this last purpose a ' weigh-bridge ' is a most im-
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ounce; hvdrochlorate of quinine, one drachm, and one-
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No more nails should be used than are absolutely neces-
fjala libido
to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or, if he did
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Thofe are allowed to be of all others bed calculated
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to a considerable time having elapsed since the swelling was
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of form, then, was a new exhibition of life -force effect-
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nine months later from a general metastasis through-
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or less severe, with occasional shooting pain in the region
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2. Ih I hahners Watson gave a demonstration of the end reaction
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which, for simplicity and safety, deserves preference over
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Suddenly she was taken with violently pain in the hypogastrium, burn-
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American and foreign drugs, this firm preserve many remedies
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violet rays, and afterward Courmont and Nogier, in 1909, studied the
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Mr. Editor : There is no doubt that for a child under
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undoubtedly pure mitral stenosis, who were able to walk about and to attend
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from whence it is 'very probable, that the transmission of the
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draw in blood from the right, through the aperture in the septum, as well as
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But this experiment, although it illustrates very aptly the broadly marked dif-
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<MiO>OC0C0OQ000 1^G0iOl-~t^l^t^r^J>-0it^Jt^0il--G0i-^C0 1^1-t000u0CO
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certain amount of division of labor is essential to secure
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tissues so great that the slightest violence after death causes them
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is offered for vice, and want and threatened starvation held out to
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the absence of obvious signs of tubercle. He had asked the patient if he had
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treatment is a delusion, that the thing, i. e., the antisepsis, is in no
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alyzed with great care in order to see what evidence they
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that physiologists had substituted their own artificial conceptions
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profession, and possibly of the laity as well, was daily, to a greater
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Fi.?- 1. ^^Nsver fails to give perfect satisfaction, and is very comfortable to the patient.
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intense, and ere two or three hours have elapsed, has become quite
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" 952, , 1970 was appo1nted dl&gt;ector of the iaborno ^ ^ d ^^^ ^
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into sterilized test tubes and inoculated with the bacteria to be tested.
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does not regain its original height for a fortnight or more. Pleural and
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moioijathy has accomplished has been done, although
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by intranasal methods, nine were completely cured; in eleven a
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of cardiac or pulmonary thrombosis. If death be due to severe toxaemia, there
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irritability of the part affected." There is no sharp
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the safe minimum age to marry, and the age of thirty years
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was inclined considerably forwards. The sacrum was frac-
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tinual neutralization of those in solution may be obtained fairly accu-

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