Magna Rx Instructions

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way. It may be that human beings may become infected by the germs

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impurities. In some localities there is almost no precipitation of

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geon. In the one, the severe pounding or compression to which the

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pain and tenderness, but he would adopt the sugges-

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neck are more difficult to adapt, but it should often be possible to

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sixty and seventy years of age, who six days previously had rather suddenly

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external discharge may in this way be checked certainly, but

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before you is a tumour which I removed from a young woman last

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by the urethra on the fourteenth day, and on May 23 — twenty-

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Signa. One to be given two or three times a day, closely watch-

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8. Does your Board of Health disinfect after tuberculosis, as after

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neck looked like a child suffering from an attack of

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the direct entrance of the electric current into the

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efficacious. Although initial recommendations with be-

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It is futile, if not worse, to speak as some do of leaving

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able serous effusion into the ventricles. The lungs were slightly congested

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are only adherent by one part of their surface to the vessel ; they are

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cessfully most of these cases in quarters, as the boys

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low-up studies, 7 ’ 18 but the patients are a selected

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ulcers, etc., may be called upon to do similar duty.

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treated with serum and 4450 without serum The total mortality of the

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And whereas, The precedent established by the Volstead Act in re-

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Parents which do not show the special characteristics of

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ease is, an over-crowded condition of the coops, and al-

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main side effect. This vaccine is both safe and highly immunogenic.

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being to prepare for the other, it being made a little wider

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The temples were leeched, to relieve headache — a line of treatment

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By EvoRY Kennedy, M. D., late Master of the Rotundo Lying-in Hospital.

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