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recourse to some powerful nervous stimulant — to try and excite the

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have to be devised by more careful clinical observations and by

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of inspissated mucus, which in itself may be tinged with blood.

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pounded that a lather can be produced with the briniest of sea waters ;

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able, proved remarkably stubborn, owing, I believe, to the bad

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Dr. W. Klein has described, however, a serious form of demo-

magna rx sale

It is only when you find that your horse is lean on

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College; Orthopaedic Surgeon to the Methodist and the

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continued the connection after the discharge had appeared. I have

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F. T. Tooke, M. D. — With regard to Dr. Elder's question I am afraid

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ized in the autoclave at 15 pounds' pressure for 20 minutes and afterwards dried

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yet not devoid of danger, and not invariably reliable. He

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apparently guided by the local condition, the amount of disease

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with an irritating rash. The application of boracic powder is to be

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heat and contraction in volume were observed when other substances — e.g.,

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case abdominal pains and paralysis quickly disappear under its influence.

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vertebra) were not at all affected. The sac had burst by a small

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Hume as demonstrating the fact that raw milk must not be con-

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graduated exercises, and lastly that the difficulty experi-

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With regard to the difficulties of the operation, the

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2. The following is a retail druggist's substitute. Car-

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always be found a layer of fat between the tendon sheath

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control of the nervous system, and "nervousness" is the result. At

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eases for any length of time, has abundant opportunity to

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forward and maintain, both in spirit and action, that offensive

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ness on the loins. However, if there be any doubt on

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Her menstrual flow had been regular, but profuse since she ceased

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