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apparatus is essential. Improvised apparatus can only be safely used
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No one who has given a thought to the evolution of man could fail to
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A most important classification of diphtheria for estimating the curative
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had recently been delivered of her first child. Her labor was terminated
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PotaBHium, Dr. Patterson hoe re«(iin mended this salt us a cure for the
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makes his puncture with a Pravaz' syringe between the third and fourth
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tism, are used in this connection. The mechanism of the
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imprint their traces on the viscera, the massed intestine presses upon the
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escape of these animals when they only mix with oxen or cows in
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The number of cases of Smallpox show but little variation with that
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lar tissue of the parotid, when directly introduced into the blood. If
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it is especially so when the patient has been previously lowered by
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the current numbers of these journals have been delayed in
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into haunts of bad characters, led, in a few instances, to the closure of
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or interchangeable as each .refers to a separate and distinct line
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chiasma, oblongata, lemniscus, monticulus, tegmentum, pulvinar, falx, ten-
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which, even though penetrating, may be regarded as unlikely to
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In addition to the headache and abdominal discomfort, the
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proceed to medication without proper instructions in regard to
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be affected. In fatal cases this has usually occurred. Occasionally only a
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prunes as may be well stewed in that quantity of liquid.
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fdnod ofsvphilitic persons were fruitless in every otlx-r direction than that stated
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This has been proved by injecting pus into the blood of the lower
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above case. It further moved with e^'ely change of posture
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rounded or ovoid plasmatic cellules and free nuclei In the intermediate zone the same ele-
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ing substances incorporated with the bacterial cells find them-
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of Squibbs' Fl. Ext. of Ergot; this failing to produce any
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limit the production and dissemination of venereal disorders, usually so com-
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which was found in 4 of this series at autopsy, offers no special features.
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second term nom^nafeii me for a third term, a feeling of
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7. 1868. Hon. Associate Member, College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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Description. — Elecampane is a rough plant growing from 3 to 6 feet in height
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so great an obstacle to the flow of the menses that the whole vaginal
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