Extra Male Hormones In Females

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mortality among the children in this institution was some-

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almond emulsion flavoured with prussic acid; sulph. quinae, gr. ii. to

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linum spores, the toxin is heat-labile and is denatured by

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emphysema. It is fair to assume that respiratory distress from any

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ly and successively^ all the other bones of the foetus remaining. We

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morbid process in primary sclerosis of those columns.

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Emulate the zeal, cultivate the virtues, and endeavor to

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given in the form of barley- or rice-water or wine-whey, always in small

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and slow boats should be absolutely rejected ; the highest

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weighing about 225 lbs. " I could do nothing but pack the leg in a box. All

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muscles, as determined by percussion with a hammer, is a good indication

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In cases of over-fatigue of the body the mind strongly sympathizes, and

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patient and of those about him. Very naturally, therefore,

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2. Because of tlie gravity of wounds to the head, chest and abdomen,

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where there is more than one child ; instances are common

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hyaline, albumin varied. On November li'th there were

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was again the conclusion. It remained narrow and the injections

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acute ophthalmia produced by the direct contact of the

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of the antero-iateral columns of the cord being the exciting cause

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the end of the tenth or beginning of the eleventh century —

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the just and unjust, and during incubation his sight

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etc., but not with the same benefit as with vegetable food which

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previously ; and the diminution in virulence, though gradual, progressed

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efficacious, but muft be ufed with greater caution.

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dilator; (7) a remaining piece of the gland which remains

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rapid motion should possess parts very different from the farm

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powdered nux vomica, one ounce. Mix, and divide into

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tion. If the case be complicated with malaria, muriate of quinine

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3. Those in which the loss of consciousness occupies a few seconds

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scales are not in a position to attach themselves to any

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energy, while the work of Pflliger and his pupils has emphasised

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