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That you may relieve this large class of sufferers, we offer you Tritica, which you

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Militia, Medical Officers of State . .......... 274

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or forcing animals intended for show, cod liver oil is just

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urbs of the city to find that a young wife, about six months married,

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16 the epilepsy was merely symptomatic, and, as the

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work accomplished in the surgery of the vascular system during

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1 Loeb, J., Sitzber. Wiirsburger physik-med. Ges., 1888; Der Heliotropismns der

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Dr. "Wm. Armstrong died in Toronto, on January 11th, in his 79th

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ated by the offensive odor and flavor of the oil as generally taken. —

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except a trifling insuflSciency of those of the pulmonary

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In severe cases, hot flannels, moistened with compound

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tion, etc. As it regards treatment we are not confined to a

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mer does not by any means invariably bring about the disappearance of

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particles of mucous membrane, led him to the conclusion that the

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terval. One or two cases may, however, be particularized :

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teat shall if he so requires be kept separate and separate samples thereof

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metabolism in the neuron itself. The body of the nerve-cell is the

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comes comatose ; death frequently takes place in the course of from

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in noways in fault. In the upper and more airy part tif the valley of the

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gentlemen, whilst I freely pay the tribute of my respect and admi-

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and aged, it makes but little difference whether they have the

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Superintendent of the Hospital and the approval of the

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therefore report to you the many plans of treatment adopted by eminent

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Julep. Ammon., annoying him much. Dr. Barlow, who now took

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both programs and tracks. This year is clinically oriented and is spent consulting on patients

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partially adherent, probably congenitally, leaving one passage on each side ;

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costal cartilage. Over the apex of the heart loud bruits were

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HUTCHINSON, J. — A Clinical Memoir on certain Diseases of the Eye and Ear, consequent on Inherited Syphilia; with as

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cent, solution, would be found effective. He accordingly for

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the median line with the other hand externally upon the abdomen.

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external dirt or soot, will be still yellow and toler-

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to be true, why is the intestinal short-circuit or colectomy not a

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have been inserted for the series now presented (C) and for the figures pub-

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man) oi' them recover. The more rapidly collapse sets in, the

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