Male Extra Utilisation

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is connected with some organic disease, as a decayed tooth

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and a complete operation should be done if possible. An artificial anus

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tracted to some extent since it had been placed in an

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The chapter on refraction methods is not to be commended. In fact,

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colored, and ver}^ unsightly manner. Various methods of cleaning,

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as the sac containing the testicle remains continuous with the

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affected side and further back an oblong slit for the occiput. Trim

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cines which our predecessors placed great confidence in, and in

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1874 a. — Etudes sur l'organisation des lombriciens terrestres <Ibidem, v. 3, pp.

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nent Opening," Bos. Med. & Surg. Jour., 1873; "Pelvic Ab-

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* The pioneer in this work was the late Mr. Charles Hunting of

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the former of a type, tlie latter of a morbillar. He now

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methods of obtaining business, as to be in the habit of paying

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Becaui-e of forming the voice and words, which cannot be

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seen in the case of casein, explain the inadequacy of gliadin as a foodstuff

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in the stage of decompensation, and also when well compensated. The

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well equipped, conveniently arranged and well lighted. To the

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due to the substitution of tea or coffee for good food. Acne rosacea is

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from the abdomen. The incised wound yielded hardly any blood. There seems to have been

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would allow a still further descent of the vagina, tend-

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Fio. 3. — Situation of a tnmoi, shown in a photograph from Fnuer's "Guide to

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tive measure against ulcers and other pathological conditions of the

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A very superficial, acquaintance with these facts must convince

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Poikiloeytosis and pulychromatophilia, especially the latter, were

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the dissecting-room the extremity of an aged subject, I placed my

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been advertised and sold without limit by people who are as igno-

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attention to the fact that the four transports loaded

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becomes necessary to have recourse to purgatives — extreme reme-

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patient’s consent in this regard. Careful documentation is the

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animal, and the cleanliness of those in attendance especially

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Whitridge Williams, in a study of the causes of foetal deaths occur-

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evidence of the nervous character of this group of non-medullated

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ciation shall be incurred by the trustees of the Mott Memorial Library,

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