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developed yet, it is impossible to foresee on what parts of the skin
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by Ubhatta, a Cashmerian, is probably as old as the
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international Tuberculosis Congress in September 1908. The Cleveland
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affected exactly as is the intestine of the live animal, by physostigmine.
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in four cases, without any other trace of inflammation. The diaphragm is stated
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of the meeting there will be a discussion on the subject of " Eczema,"
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congestion. It presents all the classical signs of inflammation
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ysis lasting over 2 to 7 days with a maximum nitrogen elimination
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1900 b. — Gistologicheskiy zamietki. [Histological notes.] [Russian text]
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which I would not hesitate to recommend for planting by
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of which the black epithelial layer of the iris seems to become visible.
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tion continues for a long time, and is imperfectly absorbed ;
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in the cheesy masses by cleft-shaped anastomosing lumina.
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At first no one would touch it. Pope found fault with
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between fatty alcohol oxidoreductase deficiency, epidermal
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Easter and Michaelmas ; and directs it to be read twice a
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4. The quantity of enteric juice secreted is invariably small, and of
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stated warrant, I think, the conclusion that the human
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vitalisation of matter. For instance, atrophy everywhere
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unquestionably just. ' Woman adopts herself to an altered
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due to an inhibition of the activity of the associated
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such a sJiirt is much betler than an abdominal band.
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rence of gall-stones in women due to tight lacing, and
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internal away from the external ring, and dilating the sac or
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were exhibited when necessary, and in less than four months the
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care in this school each year since its opening; two
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Rmsohoff thought the evidence in favor of its jjrac-
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diphtheria and croup 109, measles 29, scarlet fever 21, typhoid
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swabbed from vaginal, perianal, and pharyngeal mucosal
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in which he gave as his deduction from the result of
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unless the disease were inactive, arrested, and the cavity en-
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The history of the case can be followed, without enter-
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dilution, that it no longer sufiices to hold the globulin
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or exposure to excessively bright light ; and by greater
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while glycerine alone may be freely applied to the tongue, teeth and lips. The
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g. Ascococcus. Cells in larger irregular colonies or
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have so frequently observed appertained to both the yellow and bilious fevers
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the patient has been kept in that position for five
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where it is crusted with alkali. It has made a growth of
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extending in the same condition to Parma. It does not appear that these differences,
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enburg [)osition by placing a chair under the foot of
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dicate that Ehazes was absolutely wedded to author-

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