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cient judgment and delicacy. For the physician should be the mmister of
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profession — a source from which the best treatises on a
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In infected fractures of the long bones, the wide opening of the
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pathologic features. In the further discussion, we shall refer to these
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saw perpendicularly applied directly behind the head of the astragalus upon
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the extremities in 116 cases, and upon excisions of joints in
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For the dentifrice, if you do not like to use the soap alone, the fol-
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after they have once prepared a course of lectures, but the re-
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the patient craves for it. The question of , plaints, and are founded on this simple
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originator, but is certainly a zealous advocate, and the chief criticism to be
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with each other, the new members being introduced and at once made
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rate of mortality is supposed to occur ? What are the causes usually assigned for
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(paralyzed and hyperesthetic) side, close to the spine
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BainlDridge, in 1916, reports its successful use in a case of gangre-
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congestion in the vessels and meninges of the skull. Conges-
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employed. When one of the strong mineral acids is used, an
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in the habit of doing. Thus, one of my patients, as the mean of
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This condition is due to infection with the pus cocci. Patients are constantly
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liver, stomach, and other viscera appeared normal. The stools were
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of which we probably know least. In order to make up
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ground — about 20 minutes. In as many more minutes, ten men
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earlier communication (Wieti. Idin. Wchnschr., 1905, Xo. 38). A'assale
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Bordoni Uffreduzzi, and Dr. Sacchi of the Ospedale Maggiore : "Forty
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or gradual, limiting adhesions may form, or diffuse peritonitis
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place her against a wall provided with five rings, firmly fastened
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ance of a research laboratory, I am heartily in accord with it. I
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of Bromidia over morphine, especially in cases with head symptoms.

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