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Malleable Glass. One of the lost arts, which skill and

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keratitis characterised by the production of long and

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and on the same day the temperature fell to normal. On the

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cavity, but without apparent effect. These observations offer the

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it, had to pass through these, hence the sick " sat in the gate," in the

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accepted and presented with such great success that it is to remain a perma-

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apparent at his funeral : unanimous and lively regret burst forth

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to show that diabetic blood did not possess the glycolytic power of

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comparisons with aspirin, and ibuprofen in patients with active

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tic to move her bowels; and altogether she was well pleased with her condi-

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ridge which provided drainage aw:iy from the tentK.

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thought in his work. The exercises that were selected

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no longer regarded as an ante-mortem lesion, and, even if it

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decussation at the chiasma, and their termination near the nucleus.

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orrhage may follow. In this case, the section must be enlarged

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In the chapter on the male genital organs, spermatogenesis is not

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chapter on Constantine Africanus, and Afflacius rec-

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In the skin clinic we entered a new field; the big foreign names

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uals are advertising themselves as electricians, and presuming

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culty was anticipated in exposing it. Chloroform was administered

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of thorough disinfection of the hands " as if the gloves

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barber and a priest as accomplices. One historian puts into her

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and fibrous [)olypuses; that carcinoma of the urethra

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existing mischief. The application of continued pressure by a

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serious affair, is because there is no rupture of the walls of the

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kboreia, troating aa little as possible to their diseie-

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much enlarged, weighing fifteen ounces, its surface mottled with small

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remain upon the smear for five to thirty seconds; The smear

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