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disease was first declared to be cholera on the 28th of

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ous use, /3-agonists should be used only on an “as-needed”

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tion, direction, fervor in study, logical powers of

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STfiiNKE— "One-fifth genius and four-fifths sheer fudge."

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being carried on. The wounded and the hospital establishments

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lation and scrupulous cleanliness. The floors are painted. The

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geon. In the one, the severe pounding or compression to which the

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in the early centuries of Christianity. Briefly, the

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Diet.— Bread made from the entire wheat flour; beef, mutton,

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sclogy, and. General Thera'peiUics. Wilk a Gloss-ary. For the Use

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without pain. Aspirin was resumed and the mother observed

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mending such localities as health resorts for the phthisical. It is, however,

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two, Baltimore one. From whooping-cough, New York seven,

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ginning, I promptly advise such patients to go away.

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for a long time. Full sterilisation makes the milk brown from

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E. S. WiLLARD, Watertown, N. Y. Has not furnished any sketch of his

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" The spleen was very large, and did not contain any hydatids,

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some short paste with the above ingredients, work it lightly and

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six quarts. When the water flowed freely, she would get up

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Journal in April and October of each year. As, however, the particulars of this list are

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first suspected strangulated hernia," until after an exa*

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be managed this way without trouble, for if he tries to run ahead

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by Bozzolo in 1885, and that, notwitstanding its comparative frequency

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strations in the human female and by pregnancy in the cow ■ and also on,

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shown how easily necrosis takes place in those tissues when they

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action. It is the antidote or opposite force to ergot In it

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tendon without cutting for a like distance, then insert

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belong dull pains in the region of the loins. Occasionally per-

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had been transported to England, and combined the work previously

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average individual so long as his work is performed. If it

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