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his hearers would recall his article in Ouain's Dictionary,
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sick, she would not throw herself upon the town, for the sake of being
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fringens) from cases of fetid otorrhoea and of mastoid abscess. He does not
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think, should know all about them in every detail ; yet no
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period of time elapses before the meeting of the sexual
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flame stream forth, then the needle is to be moved nearer. When the
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In ea┬╗&i of Lend-poiBoning, the Iodide of Potassiam is tfaooght
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interne at the Germantown Hospital, Wharton entered practice in
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school of the University of Minnesota in 1931. He was
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patients, and the excretion of albuminous urine. Rayer does
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permanent mark in the nostrils from the injury they are
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dose of castor oil, for the purpose of bringing away the meco-
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direction. Sept. 29, 1916, when the pollination of the ragweed was at
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for forty-eight hours without developing any unpleasant odor,
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the circulatory apparatus in different regions of the body. But we
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passed out of the house together. Pierce swears that, after speaking
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The more complicated the idea the greater the liabil-
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cently removed the appointment of the attending staff
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the face, neck, forearms, hands and feet. At the height of the vesicular
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fants contains no amylopsin, or starch-converting ferment,
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by the exploratory puncture which I caused to be made. The trocar
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ing. In such a case the external rectus muscle must
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Dr. Hoit E. Hunt, of New York City. The roll of membership
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ter exclusive of advertisements, and the mechanical work will be
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division of the internal capsule we know little with certainty. The
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Celsus abounds in practical maxims, many of which might beneficially be
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governed by the idea that disease is an entity which must
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Fricks, L. D., assistant surgeon. Upon being relieved from
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rapidly and safely, keep out air, and, when giving chloroform

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