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I negative. Diagnostic laparotomy revealed a grossly normal

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with other countries, the medical profession here is in an envi-

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nous nephritis. "La nephrite," he says,' "est jDrincipalement

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I SUPPOSE that the tenn senilitj, as commonly uaed, is intended

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extended : recent cases are now under consideration. Every degree

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into a straw-colored fluid within three or four days after injection.

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ceived this prohPic seed into her womb, and retaining it there,

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the 4:th ventricle. The patient was 2 years old, and had been sent

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runnings are of this nature, preventable by previous judicious depletions.

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mucosa through its influence upon the terminal filaments

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said which can be considered discourteous or unprofes-

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The Illinois State Board of Health has issued a very

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^ Lindesay of Pitscottie : " Cronicles of Scotland," Vol. I., p. 237.

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being seen on the outside, and the colt may bleed to death; in this case

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the high feeding, and the exposure of those individuals to the

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The great cause of infantile mortality is inflammation of the

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from twelve to twenty in the twenty-four hours, dropping to two,

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common to all natural objects. Disease was something ac-

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it and the oil does not spread about ; if asafcetida

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stroke, irritative brain lesions remain which cause attacks of

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ments of hands and arms; the thumbs are turned in and

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excellent combination is the compound tincture of cinchona

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the Santiago campaign by the reduced caliber bullet, the mortal-

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After a while men will become enamoured and enthused with the

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At the onset of this form of the disease the patient suffers more or

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but as the original grooves in the British magazine rifle are only

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producing a laceration of the tissues and exposing fresh sur-

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