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hsemorrhago from the mouth and nose. There was constant spitting of
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canal, and lacerating extensively the medullary substance, which was
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times a day, followed by gradual increases to 1 tablet 3 times a day. Reported
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any peculiar action on that fluid. In these respects they
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(i) The shining reddish brown crystalline sublimate of sulphide
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42. Transverse Fracture of the Second Piece of the Sternum, caused hy a
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optochin must be absorbed per kilo of body weight within a definite
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most carefully done the results, I believe, are better than can be
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one of the Surgeon's of the Woman's Hospital of New York.
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inoculated with a delicate wire thrust into the liver shows on the second day a
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mercury, under the impression that it was syphilitic, and it seemed to
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to leave unfortunate people without their gates to the care of old maids and
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two metals and their deration are not very different, and the occasional difference in the dnra*
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public domain, any case of contagious or infections disease amons; such animals,
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longitudinal fibres. Another point that impressed it-
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ichor is discharged. The disease spreads upwards, where
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The distinction between these different forms is by no means
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Treatment by these drugs does a certain amount of good in tuberculous
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patient is then in much the same condition as a man who has been
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In 40 per cent, of the patients entering Lakeside Hospital during
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why that particular drug is being prescribed. The physician
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Corresponding in extent to the motor paralysis there is paralysis
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cause of his kindly virtues and his earnest, upright and sincere
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of any kind, and (2) the fact that the benefit to be
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ist and Mieroscopist. Their conclusions called tp my mind
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the only rational method whereby prompt and efficient action
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