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bear the blame for every case of mastitis, it is pleasant to observe the

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It is difficult to determine whether the obstruction be seated in

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times weaker than chloral. No unfavourable effects on pulse

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After boiling two or three hours strain free from fat and it is

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• from health planning activities, that include reviewing

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fully equipped X-ray and radio-therapeutic department, a museum, a

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influence of poverty in the soil, and an excess of astringent salts,

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the best and safest procedure for general application. Possibly, how-

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Army) — Granted leave of absence for one month, to take effect

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regard to the horse nearly a year later by saying : " Wiien I

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St. Louis Medical College, used to say that he never regretted

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faces forward. But it is very conspicuously evident

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safely attacked through the lower angle of the thorax,

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tions from the Morrill and the Hatch Arts of (\mgre8S in

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are affected and highly diseased, there is hut one other almost

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Case XII. — Mental Confusion lasting for a Week after Delivery. —

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conical, while others are club-shaped. Their base of implantation is

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being in Contact with the skin a few hours, a disa-

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Pathologry. — Leaving out of consideration those points in the patho-

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26 to 28, under the presidency of Dr. W. S. Christopher.

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administered in gruel, in the form of a drench. For dogs,

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after day, by waking up the sinking or exhausted powers, than all the pills and

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pand the lungs and thus avoid any possibility of adhe-

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recorded of the Amazons, that being active, and always in

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administration of the medicine, but Dr. Sabal having been called away, the dog was neglected,

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of any like edifice in this country. Dr. Haywood, for many years, was re-

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