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*ยป Nebraska's illustrious sons and daughters, offers you

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already known, which if properly carried out, will drive

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tions which otherwise might be lost or hidden within the

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general systemic lesions in diphtheria they are characteristic but not specific.

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fever and also brief reference will be made to influenza in the camps

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tion of the blood aided in the diagnosis. One was a

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our fint c}iila was , bioni, whidi WM on the ^luth dajr

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but also to prevent avoidable irritation and malposition of parts

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destroy as occupj- territory, the baser crowding out the nobler

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present administration, is an admission of the indefensibility of

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tightly pressed down underneath the pickle to keep air-tight. It is then overhauled

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foretell with certainty the effects of the medicine? In other words,

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also pointed but, in agreement with Frazer and Stanton and

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sound. Pelvic swellings confined to the vagina may be caused by abscess in

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meeting. It would jierhaps be advisable that the va-

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Some years ago the late Dr. Voelckert gave directions

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saturated thoroughly with a solution of the crystalized nitrate, of the

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attached to one mound may be in similar or in varying stages of

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more lasting method. The relief afforded by this method seems to

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think, correct in saying that the physiological and therapeutical effects of the per-

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last but a short time without artificial respiration.

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of a scientific than a practical value. As has been intimated, the occurrence

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region, evidently a kind of accessory pouch between the urethra and the

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mend the passage of this bill and by some ill chance the

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hard soap; olive oil, two ounces; spirits of turpentine, a drachm,

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I removed, by means of the polyp forceps (see Fig. 3),

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A Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences, embracing

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" And here I cannot but acknowledge with gratitude the mercy of

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and contractions are different from those of health, influenced of

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what form of ansesthesia was used in each individual case. This

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