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Liquores, solutions, are solutions of non-volatile substances in
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tion is either anaemia or failure of heart power. I think
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milk and water, are recommended but the results are seldom favorable.
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those who labor for the love of humanity and their profes-
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the condition closely resembles malarial disease, except
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If the case be one of intussusception, distention of the
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The nitrogenous substances, or albuminates, or plastic constituents
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be guided to a certain extent by the desire of the patient
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quent; exalts her far above himself, yet hesitates not too long to
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est son of Mr. Bancroft the historian — accompany Dr. Wyman.
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rhagica in the subcutaneous tissues of the horse and ass,
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shown ; — the difference between the physiological and the pathological
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Before the necropsy was made, Sir Morell Mackenzie,
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injections, and then has recourse to the ether spray for the skin
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reveal the parasites; but in some cases their presence is more
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vidual reputation on the page of history have been the possession of
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"N-o. The mother and child are both dead ; but (brightening
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of old-school men generally, to secure legislative enactments,
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experiments on animals and clinical observations show that the pyogenic
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the best lot. If a man had a considerable number which
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time and care, while the amount of product obtained
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indeed a great one. (See biographical sketch of Froebel, page 32.)
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tions of syphilis. Among many things learnt from the Aachen school was
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plicity of man, has a ban upon her that every gentleman who has one
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mended Surgical Blood Order Schedule; Georgette Siegel, for as
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for the blood is not for the most part pure, but such as has
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during the ten years ending 1853 some four thousand British
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Anschauungen und aller weiteren Betrachtungen liber die
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and remarks — "Your disease has assumed a chronic form.' 1 Webster
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^in wood), nor with ^such as are) barbed, poisoned, or the points of
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stimulated to activity in the normal process of digestion. The secretion
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Tbe annual meeting of the State Auxiliary will be held
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to bed. It is remarkable that scarcely a drop of blood was lost during the

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