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something very hot within her, and puts her hand over
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mechanical causes, a view which was supported by the fact that the children
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d^nita wave iott prectdiDg veatriculBr coniTaction, and the irregularily producad in the ventri-
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first symptoms are a dryness in the throat after speaking
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Parke, Davis & Co., the advisability of placing
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previously and duly prepared for the production of won-
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and find that the laws which govern the phenomena are established,
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Membrane. — Absent. Crista. — Absent. Terminal Finely Spiral Filament. —
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one; this idea is true only in proportion to the relative force exerted
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Phyllis E. Yount, A.B., M.S., Research Assistant in Chem-
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The masculator is the latest instrument for castration. It was
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considerable additional trauma to brain tissue may ensue.
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Tbe reaignatlona of the following nanaa*! Offieera bare been ncoepted
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The Chairman (Dr. Stokes), said that, in this accident, a fever was clearly
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The predisposing, and the aggravating causes, (c) Advice to
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in England was from the pen of Mr. Percivall, in the year 1843,
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a second edition of Dr. Taylor's well-known work * On Poisons in relation to Medical
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dition save the so-called precancerous state, holding, as we do, the belief
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praise. It is just such a work as every practi- , ^^^ ^^^ careless inattention that a great number
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evident that the author has never, in his life, seen the Island
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seems superfluous. Almost without exception the patient is
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vation, and a reflective habit of mind, is of great value.
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would you find this abnormality in the newborn popula-
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refuse operation, the responsibility of the outcome
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Diagnosis. — The most important point in the diagnosis of choleraic
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ingredients of the body are excreted by the large intestine, and one can,
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The reason of this inexactness is that the affected area is not
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peptic ulcer or biofeedback control of migraines, indi-
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first gets out of bed in the morning, and is then apt to be associated with
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I had been taking morphia perhaps for six or seven weeks when I was
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very rapid, almost sudden onset; (2) the numerous miliary nodules
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of dementia. As to its etiology, it does not seem to be allied
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vations and deductions are iucom])lete or inconclusive.
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Bion, Institated by Special Orders No. U, series of 1868, from the 'War De-
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secretory functions, and we may be permitted to suppose, from
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1880 a. — Die Lungenwurmkrankheit der Schafe <"Thierarztl. Mitth., Karlsruhe,
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some adviser more interested in becoming a "professor" than in the
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general management, '^o citizen of Alabama," they truly
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(h) The heart is flabby, of a pale dirty-gray color, and very friable.
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bodies advanced. I have on the contrary observed that the finest granules
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nation of glanders throughout the West. Xo compensation is
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made, the valve will work freely without vibration, and the opening be
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an increased secretion of tears, saliva, or urine. This remark is

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