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coccemia have been reported, but whether the adrenals

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Seineiology. — Bowels are often noticeably loose preceding the trouble

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mud, where they seem to spend the rest of their life until pupation.

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times occur, and the Commission invites the criticism and expects the

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ucation of England shows that during 1914-15, the first year of the great

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II. Molisch 19 describes the following new reactions

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partially organised exudation in the ciliary body looks under the microscope

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'* Varicella in fact, like acute pemphigus, is neither contagious nor inocula-

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sing the hope that the results would be perpetuated in our liter-

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to warrant the establishment of a new genus, Treponema, for the syphilis


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Hospital; Assistant Physician to the Orthopaedic Hospital.

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ment to the patient ; probably the electric method is better

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sometimes. Wlien they become mature the amount of pus which is dis-

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sensation of slight uneasiness, or of constriction in the epigastrium,

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watery injection. All the more soluble ingredients of the liver, includ-

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weeks. An asterisk ^*) denotes chat the disease in question is not notifiable in the

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fuhy Thentny ha^enefhL way breaking his pose long enough to prevent getting

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by a large area of a pale-yellowish color, with a third zone of cellular

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meager. Some of the number, it has been learned, were veterinarians. Others

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