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generally receptacles for large volumes of very impure
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the bladder. The stream is regulated by the different calibres of
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voice from any sudden or violent emotion. But in the third
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210; abdominal hysterectomy for cancer of the cervix, Irish, J. C,
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the fibula attained a large size (and was removed by amputa-
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it contains iodine, which exists in combination with a nonprotein nitrog-
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Operation refused by Dr. Gregg, on account of the condition of the
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chapters in the whole work. There are 276 pages devoted to the Surgery of
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bitter infusion, or with the syrup of iodide of iron, or with the tinc-
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of these cases warrants the suggestion that in cases of sus-
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An erythematous eruption on the scrotum, or around the vulva, is
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essary to expose the upjier pole of the kidney and to draw it down-
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the face is with ill features. A face broad upon the brows
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Even if it were within our power to arrest the hyperaemia and exudation
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monary artery, the exposure of the latter permitting its pulsations to be
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any question. He is in a condition of extreme irritability, and if disturbed
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heavier kernels of gravel took place. It was not until after repeated examinations
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" The spleen was very large, and did not contain any hydatids,
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well : this plan has the advantage of not pushing up the blad-
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2 1 2 Notes of Three Cases of Progressive Muscular Atrophy,
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that since the advent of the serum it has fallen to 16 per cent.
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in the reticular material between the blood-vessel and the

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