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referred as corollaries to its one action on nerve, whatever that

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may be seen only below the navel or may be more on one side than the other.

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diagnosis in certain cases is by the microscope. That

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tures, and perhaps not always of traumatic origin. The resuhing

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against the truly rational employment of this therapeutical agent."

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Patient opened his eyes and lifted his hand. Between

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operation 1 said before I began : " Gentlemen, this

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vocal form ; then a lull in the symptoms for a year ; then an attack of enteric

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Dunn, James E.; Junior Assistant Resident in General Surgery

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by authors, the disease lasted from three months to five years, the

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com[)licated, readily understood, and re(|uirihg only

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distinguish between this latter oedema and that which has

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of mice to the poison. Influence of season, diet, etc.

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Dalton, Dixon, Dobbins, Douglas, Dowell, Dunaway, Durrett, Ellis, Estes, Floyd,

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steel, not only from the anterior chamber and iris, but also

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take place suddenly. M. Dupuytren mentioned another case of amaurosis after

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ening life in healthfulness and vigor, and one which is practica-

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lege: that was a matter of course. He always felt the indi

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the vessels to that of cells at some distance from them. It has previously

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ordinary fall to -f- 21 per cent. The next two columns, however,

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months, at the quarters 6 to 8 months, and at the heels

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Munster 2.3 per cent., in Ulster 3.4 per cent., and in

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excitement (a condition of cerebral vessels comparable to that

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our courts, instead of being courts of justice, had be-

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recover. Nitrate of silver, in doses of one-eighth of a grain,

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children. (Die Bekiimpfung der Typhus^ Berlin, 1903.) The large

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tuted in the human subject demonstrates that, though in our ordinary

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should be introduced during our sleeping hours — or how large should

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where it bulges out below and faUs in above. Complete

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of them to the case in hand, rather than to delay to see if the

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sound :jtace. The part itself does not appear to sn£fer;

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