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Partial Paralysis— The efficacy of electricity and electro-
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state was a disadvantage in the control of glanders. Dr. Ellis
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steel, vegetable tonics, local ablutions, and cold water enemata, the latter often
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and at last accounts was thriving well. The patient gave an account of
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would be so slight that, under erdinai-y circumstan-
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not unusual, but it illustrates the changing character of the retinal
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with certainty which side is most frequently attacked.
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Mother noticed that as soon as the child began to crawl
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said that Dr. Atwood had been warned to desist in doing such
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manual from his pen is everything which could be desired. This
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the second incision until the kidney has been exposed,
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and that even horses and cattle have been supposed to
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leaves and green twigs. These inorganic elements thus absorbed
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“In consideration of The Journal of the Medical Society of
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own Laboratory. Not only is the system a satisfactory one, but the
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no antecedent affection of the air tubes, and in which the illness is
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lobar pneumonia. It is with pleasure that we have learned that Dr.
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ligion is founded upon international depravity. Search-
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54. The Treatment of Venereal. By Dr. Jos. Hermann. (" Die Nachtheile
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hemorrhage would inevitably occur more frequently after their
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colic. The tendency to these diseases appears, in such cases, to
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spill, must frequently prove to be of the utmost service to the caterers
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to increase, has begun to decrease ; but the lung, held by adhe-
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in Speyer. — 45. Galassi. Bolletino delta soeietd, Lancisiano dell' ospital di Boma,
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surgery and to the introduction of a new form of serum-
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autopsy may be performed, but it must be borne in mind that

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