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best therapeutic agents. We should try by every possible
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edly both the appetite and the digestion. 4. Cases in which the oiL
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ation of Labour is very different from that of the Trade
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injection with streptococcic vaccine, he thinks this exanthem is identical
lateral column of the cord. A considerable number, however, do not cross,
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is always due to their disintegration ; and that they must
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Lecturer on Practice of Medicine in the School of Medicine of the Royal Colleges at Edinburgh
Limited, of which the McLaughlin Motor Car Company, Limited, is a
out by Dr. Forbes Winslow ; who forcibly insists upon the fact
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microorganisms of weakened virulence. There are certain diseases, such
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I— allowing a view of things from more than a single vantage
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dysentery immediately after being subjected to hardships and depressing
Commission will be making a significant statement regarding
naturomeds mxman
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though the extension of the fingers was aided by the tension of the
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at the laboratory of M. Pasteur. Well, in 1887, the
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bodies are very small in size, or in exceedngly small numbers.
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surely die. The action of the intestinal glands pouring out fluid
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Banks. C. E., surgeon. Detailed as inspector of unservice-
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hernia developed, but the patient eventually recovered.
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protoplasm, whatever its origin, has a certain uniformity of composition,

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