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elements of uncertainty and irreflection are very pro-
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limit the amount of arsenical contents in wall-papers.
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and even the formation of abscess. It tends to leave the
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The examinations are chiefly in writing, and begin with a
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In some cases the vreight and pullj^ were alone used. In
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presented, and give the conclusions which are to be drawn from
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after extension of the incision with a blunt-pointed bistoury, the finger is passed
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As regards the placing of these Bacteria in the vegetable world, and
By an act of the Legislature in 1870, the Trustees were
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patient must live pretty much all the time in the midst of the
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Stuart Macdowell, Surgeon, Indian Army, &c, London, Churchill, 1871, p. 35.
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exploring syringe had been passed through the anterior fontanelle, first on the
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will be the depth of the projectile in the direction indicated
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etherial solution on the sore ; the ether immediately evaporates
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"3d. That the biniodide of mercury has proven itself next most
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freely applied on the outside of the cheek and kept in
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Regional distribution of wounds in military hospitals in
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if necessary, salol or salicylic acid, if there is much fermen-
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" Costiveness in the bowels," says Sturgeon, " however obstinately
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spirochete recently among wild rats caught in Tennessee.
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recently has altered his opinion and believes that "the balance of
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more the aerial and bone-conduction of sound have suffered, the more marked

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