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partment of Yale College in 1853. After receiving his
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been called the Norwegian Lepra (Spedalsk), a disease
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liquefaction 0^ the atoms comipQsmg the part; the absorption of this
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some districts of England, and the supplies furnished to
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extreme veflels; by a conT-unicaiion of the bhderedt
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under observation when already a large portion of the membrana tympani has
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normal, constitute the state of health. We can no longer
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ance of health, is sufficiently well established : that it
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the remedy being elSectual. Three numbers remove dis-
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surgical and pathologic entity, but its relationship to chronic duod-
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the Croton water must be regarded as liable to infection
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children municipal authorities can exercise more control, and
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tion of the memorial of Qaeens County Medical Society; of the report
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there would seem not to have been any eSort to digest
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Delpbiniuni Bcopnlomm subalpinum, Gray. Bot. Gaz. xii. 52.
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The variations observed in the nuclei are best illustrated by a few
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Pumiced feet consist in a convex growth of the soles,
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or less severe, with occasional shooting pain in the region
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Yet, whatever view of the question, whether affirmative or nega-
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bolic acid one-half to one per cent., and the internal
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On the 15tli of April, 1777, the first steps toward the erection of
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records the fact that John Dennis "called Shakspere
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other causes, such as Trousseau has alluded to ? Neither Catani, Hugen-

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