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Producing ethical Intravenous solutions for the Medical Profession exclusively.

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whom, Dr. R. B. Davy, is the president of the Cincin-

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68. The Constitution of Liquids and Solids: Surface Tensions and Col-

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1905 a— Les filaires du sang de l'homme <Arch. de parasitol., Par., v. 9 (2),

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PosiieiMing a body like other men, I was led to inquire

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manner in which it acts in preventing disease, and it

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A much more prompt, thorough, and reliable oxidizing

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cava to the right ventricle, whence some of it passes through

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as constituting part of the cachectic stage of the constitutional

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of the relation between the thiosulfate titration figures for the three

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with a single kidney frequently present absolutely no disturb-

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J. W. Clemmer, Columbus ; G. H. Matson, Columbus, and W. H.

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tor consists of a simply constructed tin can with broad flaring top.

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lence and instantly recognize any epidemic in its incipiency

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formulate a list of physician-member voting addresses. This

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a strange jumble of ideas and a mixing up of the past with the present —

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ment is to be given -by the officers to games in the open air. Foot-


post or station to be assigned to each class, within the limits pre-

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the common source of all the faculties, contributing

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system of health certificates, such as those compiled by the medical officers

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is good in the book, we fear that in its present form it will not be Avidely

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of writings, best editions of the same, and critical notices from contem-

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These six cases show first a case of perforation which proved

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neath the tongue, then upon the throat, the jaws, the

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defect of vision ; the hyperopic eye in its endeavor to focus rays

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time, will make the trip to the meeting doubly pleasant and

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had nine attacks afterwards. No other illness. Temperature on

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any subject which I can illustrate by cases. With this privilege, I will and can

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