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mometer kept ten feet above the ground. This usually

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Fig. 223. — Elevation of gangway on the right side, showing the uprights, A,

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parotid glands are situated just in front of and below the ear, and are

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rendered lefs free. For he chofe rather to defer the

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with the cessation of the progressive or active symptoms.

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consume in a single day two pounds of fresh meat, a quan-

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has in others, when the sentiment of the medical pro-

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line position between the deciduoma malignum and the undoubted

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ular, a small dose of castor oil is to be prescribed. The dose

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ground glass to a red salmon colour. There are no ulcers in its surface.

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If we endeavor, now, from the above description of the symp-

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nancy. Her general appearance is that of a refined,

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preparation are taken from the London Pharm. Journal, viz :

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" cure " can therefore be instituted in full at British spas. The pulverettes

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has purchased, or the nurse he has hired for him, when

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operation. Nevertheless I do not throw operation at

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tives, and from the girl herself, a strong stand must be made that

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usually dilated, skin cold and clammy, temperature subnormal, res-

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Canada stands pre-eminently alone as being an example of almost

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performed. Recovering from the effects of the ether the

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It is a matter of common knowledge that large sowings of bacteria

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shared by the other, they also have a large number of receptors in common.

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this recipe exactly aud you will have a most delicious

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of subsequent travel and re-transportatious from one place of detention to another, without

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the process of drilling is more tedious. I have finished drilling

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In the early days of our medical history, many instances are

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countenance the belief in the serous character of the pulmonary air-

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view, at least, opposed to the true faith." This for

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were the subject of cancer of the rectum, he should most

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