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the papillomaviruses. The legacy of Rous therefore includes

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of the Indian tribes to an exceedingly fatal degree.

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needed. Then, on rising, a cold or tepid sponge bath had better

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their very thick walls, which we first knew, from the researches

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*' phur, flowers of Benjamin, fquills, tar, &c.

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larged jjrostrate. Dr. Buller suggested the decomposition of

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unless we consider the discussion of the subject — from an

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minutely, to decide whether the condition present should be looked on

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and valcrianated elixir of ammonia through the day ; to use light

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deep, noisy, and slow. I recall perfectly the observa-

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sical effusion is the result, and the effusion is in

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I It is our responsibility to educate the people, not only to a

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Constipation. — This is a condition of the bowels in which the

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paralysis was only established after repeated convulsions,

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emulsion made of that portion of the cord which was below will, when used

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physical and mental capacity. And let things be learned for

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work accomplished in the surgery of the vascular system during

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upon removing the light the right pupil dilated only

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Stern, Gary Ross. Instructor in Medicine. B.A. 1982.

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its use, and it may, as all other measures do, fail in the thoroughly bad cases.


the major operation is by no means free from the risk of peri-

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conclusions which distinguished the great subsequent achievement

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races possessing different degrees of pathogenic power. Former

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number of cases in which he must be content to see the progress of

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the condition of the patient. Variations in virulence and the general condi-

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^Koppe, Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Pharmakol., Leipz., 1875, III, 274.

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quent; exalts her far above himself, yet hesitates not too long to

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here advocated are possibly safe in skilled hands, such as the author's.

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ing 87, in 42 intubation was performed, and in 45 primary tracheotomy. Of

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