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causes immediate cessation of respiration. It is believed that the center
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open the possibility that the non-medullated fibers in the pso'ami-
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through to the nearest available base with all possible speed. It un-
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their scientific knowledge prolonged this war immensely. We in
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energy present in protein be eliminated in the urine as glucose, still the
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severe types of the exhaustion neuroses and neuropsychoses.
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cerebral disturbance following the use of the chloroform,
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genic culture is discarded. This is guarded against by carrying out the
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utes, and proves radical, if well parfor.ned. The healinj
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potts, of opium grain 1, in a pill, were given often enough" to quiet the
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late forms of the disease, both acquired and heredi-
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their SOAP articles before submitting the final copy for press.
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of peritonitis ; but even here I believe that the chief reliance
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foot, the clip may penetrate the sole and damage be inflicted.
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a circle ensures a nearly equal temperature throughout the
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2. What then can be regardetl as the real value of such

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