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of mercury and chloride of lime. — Dr. S.J. Quint^ Asst.
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Mr. Bryant recommends **the taxis," and when this fails, herniotomy.
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Class of 1908, died at his home, 1421 Glover Street, Westchester, New
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country. After remaining there three weeks they returned to
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mens. — ^The hydrate of chloral dissolved in water forms an excellent fluid
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The first-aid treatment of wounds consists in the arrest of hem-
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1866, after the anterior surface of the lu- operation for vesico-vaginal fistula. All the
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tigation should have the following scope in order to reveal the
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Of late great exertions have been made by the medical pro-
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the executive officer of the Board, and to be solely
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On the right side its lower border rested in the bifurcation of the innominate
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fashion, indicating that the internal secretion of the adrenals can not have
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rests on clinical evidence, not corroborated by the re-
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is frequently mentioned ; the basal ganglia may be flat-
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with Autopsies. Bedside teaching in small classes in the Wards of Bellevue Hospital on Medicine,
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Etiology. — The tubercle-bacillus. It is found in very few numbers.
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be appointed, and shall be filed with the secretary of state.
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complete for the instruction and guidance of those who might be disposed to seek in-
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ness of my resistance in this matter that, though my patients suffered from
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taking poisons, or drinking; or for the blind; when
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sponsible for this decree. It was felt that something
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dicate the truth. In one instance, that of a girl suffering from
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aorta are so extensively diseased that an operation is very hazardous or
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extremities, &c. 3. Another variety is punctured
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possible so long as it is retained within the body of the maternal
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and effect, when, with easy labour, with every comfort and

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