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gradually became converts, and to-day most of them are as enthusiastic

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a trial. During September of last year I was called

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different. The abdominal opening is to be closed and

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classified, according as they agree or disagree in the impres-

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The Congress of French Physicians of America will be held

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Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, one Pediatric

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necessary to continue the application for more than three days.

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draw blood, all the way up to those frightful cases of

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for introducing matter here which may almost seem like repeti-

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on and off. His present weight is 1 st. 4 lb. 1'2 oz. He looks well and

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loaded with blood, often mingled with mucus or pus. It causes

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one has had the benefit of the excreta of the animals

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worthy of notice is aphonia, cases of which are quite com-

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year to a very startling total. Looking j tied together neck and heels and slung head

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But even those who would fain have classed all medicines as

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latter almost entirely constitutes the active filtering agent.

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To cut. — No means serve so well as using the glazier's

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In chronic cases, he says, '• The nitrate of silver has done the most good in

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to let his medical acquaintance know how great a man he was. Some

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