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young girl who had died of this form of tuberculosis.
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elected Assistant- Physician at St. Mary's Hospital. The Pro-
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the children who were afiFected. She left the employ of the A's September 25,
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cheap rate — first, a desire to avoid contracting accounts with
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aspirant, so that the question of his respectability might be sat-
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When the viscera of the thorax are affected, the patient has
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the symptoms disappeared. Genuine puerperal fever was not
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liigber tlian it was on tbe unvaccinated. Dr. Buchanan quoted Dr.
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Yellow fever; its origin and peculiarities. Alkaloiii.
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was placed upon a table and put under the influence of
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of therapeutics, is now pressed with much less insistence and
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The sweat-glands are normal, except that the orifices of
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On the face there were a number resembling black and blue spots-,
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bectasie de la paupiere infirieure, tres probablemeut con-
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