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it continued for a long period, without other evidence of pulmonary dis-

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Only two papers by American authors have come under

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definite relationship often exists and may well have been present

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to 1 per cent. The disease is stated to be very infectious, but not

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which, in every art or fcience, arifes from obfer\'ation, and

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cotton-batting bandaged on. This was the only dressing.

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Sir, — A clear and simple definition of the Anglo-Saxon word

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totally opposed to this even though we know it could

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was packed with gauze as at the first operation. This

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or other stimulants, may be given; and hypodermic injections of strych-

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tion was performed in 1896 or 1897. The skull was opened

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and learned that blood had been draining through the plug, and that in this

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water, and lay to the navel ; soon he, the patient , will

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Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Clinical Medicine, and Diseases of the

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of the body are more liable to become mortified than others. These

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and circumstances of the case could a positive diagno-

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consider that the whole question of aseptic and anti-

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tion is still to be determined, but it is highly probable.

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mal for a few days. I append notes of a few cases."

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In order to distinguish him from the common herd he

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the spermatozoa are fairly visible, but require a careful adjustment of the

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permit the fine particles of ivory black to pass through. Stir it

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0. cylinder into the bag which is made to hold Hewitt's gas-oxygen

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could be done for the child by these means should we

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succeed the onset. In some instances the initial symptoms are those of

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lobed, papillary, etc. Zarniko, on the other hand, prefers to call them all

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mcdaris (L. H.) A case of yellow-fever [at Cincinnati].

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33-39. Also: N. York M. Abstr., 1895, xv, 225-230.—

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tuberculosis. 20 pp. 8^. [P7(i7arfe?p/ii<i, 1893. ]

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