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June 10-1 1— Neonatal Resuscitation Program Provider Course. Chil

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difficulty accomplished. A small piece of sponge was next tied to the

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Only in rare cases does the stomach remain unaffected. Thus,

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the competitive examination. He must produce an extract from the register

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when compared with the first three acute lesions mentioned, it

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had gotten extremely tired and exhausted the day be-

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examination showed both nasal cavities closed at their poste-

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cathartics with tincture of rhubarb, followed by astringents

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of the cachexia more than the symptoms directly referable to

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capable of being elicited at last only by forced respiration. In the

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peptic ulcer or biofeedback control of migraines, indi-

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with undue or more than ordinary stress; compensated heart

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ceed, without waiting for authority from the j^olice authorities, and

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Education, Recreation and Dance; Massachusetts Department of Education;

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ered with Cercocarpus parvifoliuSy Rhus tridentata, Amel-

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certainty that the mare will stand perfectly quiet, the hob-

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something to do, like Patience on a monument." " Yes," said

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Session of that body ; but, whether we do or not, we shall form such an

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