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a return of contraction in hearts stopped by the application of the
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from below upward, and from the left to the right, or
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to him also that ozone might be useful by inhalation in
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second in 1874, after which he lived about five months.
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indivisible, can be broken up chemically into atoms, which
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to be used when the house is empty. (See Sulphurous Acid
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Most likely to Most likely to fl\ve a speech Most likely to be a Most likely to
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periphery of the patches where the fibrillary meshwork is less dense ;
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view. Ehlers alleges that ergotism and Raynaud's disease arise at the
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milk during the first eight days has a stimulating and invigorating in-
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its track. The gradual diminution in width of recent rifle pro-
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Dr. Stutzer, Director of the Imperial Agricultural Chemical Laboratory for
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A Pictorial Atlas of Skin Diseases and Syphilitic Affections, in Photo=Litho-
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blood, being no longer present, the act itself would again
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Charles Gilchrist Darling, M.D.; William George Reeder, M.D., Assist-
reasonable explanation that can be given of the occurrence of intraocular haemorrhage ia, that

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