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and more likely to occur in a gland already enlarged than in

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embryonic animalcule, as represented in figure 120. Men suffering

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hard to sever the connection, so be warned in time.

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Useful as a tonic, in all cases of nervous exhaustion.

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diagnosis. First of all, let us look at the question of frequency.

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Ajnputation of the Thigh." That was, we believe, the first case in

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Professor of Gynecology, McGill University ; Attending Physician to the

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and found a fracture directly through the body of the

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capsules, 2 to 3 mm. thick (Fig. 11). The abscess is differentiated into three fairly

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uterus, it is important to remove the cause where this

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diseases in those that are employed in its manufacture, but one of

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to grow well in agar, as a rule, but often the first inoculations of a plain

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months. Symptoms indicate well-marked tuberculosis, emaciation

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It may therefore be stated that the febrile stage of simple scarlet fever

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Bernheim, Frederick, Ph.D. (Cambridge, 1928), Professor of

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long; legs short, back long and swaying toward the centre,

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it would certainly be disallowed by Her Majesty, or be declared

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into the possible sources of the causative bacteria.

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all times. Thus it will be seen that there is nothing apparent

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each cell had its own individuality, and could only draw from

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been making a complete list of the reports of operated

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fresh water, aud to the fact that the laundry opened

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must apply them and there should be no complicated prin-

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that of an instinctive feeling of the necessity to keep the

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physical defect, and explicit directions concerning every detail of the

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pleteness, stands now as one of the many signs point-

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will shine all the brigliter for the momentary obscuring.

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the evening. The patient should be informed when his


I am partial to the application once or twice daily for a

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entailed by what may be looked upon as an excessively peripheral

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of perforation. The mortality is one hundred per cent, and the disre-

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field hospital ; or if the wounded brought to the collecting-station

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Although it sometimes relieves those that are due to simple irregu-

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on there is reason to urge the subsequent use of x-rays as a

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