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founded on imperfect observation and limited clinical experience.

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proper care of the underwear during and after the course of the

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usually stated. In contradistinction, the results obtained by the

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mucous tubercles are seated at the buccal orifice ?

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Flexner than Shiga. It was also the rule that Shiga cases were

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caused by the circulation in the blood of some endogenous toxin. It

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teurized skimmed milk, and one part of pasteurized cream; by

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efficacious, but certain it is that the results of a course of treatment in

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1st. The Origin and Progress of the Malarial Fever now preva-

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Division Headquarters, and for an extension of lour

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great consumption of material, and chewing the cud is interfered

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recumbent posture by placing the thigh at right angles to the trunk and then

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incision and expose the ribs as in the preceding operation. Each

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biliary, but also to the glycogenic function of the liver.

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Powers, Frederick P. & S., N. Y., '70 Westport.

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Dr, Hitz: This doubtful case of gumma of the inferior

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Med. and Surg. Rep. Vermont's fat woman, Mrs. Albert

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of the iris leaving unsound spongy tissue. In some cases a fistula is formed,

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ing, laryngospasm, or stridor. Only 4 of the 177 patients

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cous surface ; the mesenteric glands not enlarged, but con-

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to do every thing with the right hand, a relic of pagan superstition which

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