Peineili Review

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Fig. 4. — The relation of the interval between inoculations to the severity of

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<Clin. vet., Milano, v. 30 (2), 12 gennaio, p. 24. [W a .]

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this association, and a copy forwarded to the family of the

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mentum iodi only a slight moisture of the eyes was produced.

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periphery of the patches where the fibrillary meshwork is less dense ;

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industrial hazards, such as the mining of every variety of metal, from

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Khuri, Elizabeth Tyson. Associate Professor of Clinical

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usually observed in poisoning by the mineral acids.

peineili review

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logical Society, 50,240. 331; Neurological Society,

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?)er condenser, and then raise the heat until the liquid boils. When the ethereal

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some other Entozoa. [Abstract of 1877 t] <Vet. J. & Ann. Comp. Path., Lond.

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those formulse in general use, and ending with .directions for the steri-

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15, 70 years B. C, and died September 21, 19 years B. C.

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nerve was found almost obhterated by fibrous tissue, although

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