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for the pain is limited to a special region, nor is there evidence

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the amount of preveutible disease existing in New 'York,

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with spirits of turpentine, honey, and tincture of myrrh,

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causal relationship between dietary cholesterol or saturated

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New books are being added, and new editions issued with a rapidity

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the lamp-bearing collar and the eyepiece are fitted on. and the

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(1917) there is involved in this phenomenon not only hemoglobin but

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both civil and criminal procedure in our courts, that so far as

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acquired disease. There are few more remarkable facts in the history

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THERE is no place in this busy life for the young woman who neglects business

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vomitus of this character is seen in yellow fever. Vomiting of fecal

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larynx occurring in the course of typhoid fever. This disease, then, is not a

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regard it as belonging to a class of works based upon experience, and de-

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•lU. titj ci Yermont— The next Annual Course of Lectnres will

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spoken highly of as a stimulant in malignant smallpox. Among

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September 20lh.— In accordance with Dr. Greenhow's request, he returned

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been compiled only by the aid of scissors and j^ccste, that common

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When I began study in the Yale Medical School in the fall

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400 cases there were no deaths from the anesthetic, no syncope, no

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mented highly the American profession, and expressed

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as cured. And even then recurrences are not infrequent.

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he found that after abstaining from alcohol for ten days

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necrotic patches. Liver almost entirely necrosed. In both lungs a moderate

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valuable in drug work of any kind. A neat, tidy store is an effective adver-

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centre in Europe and America. A volume of nearly 1,200

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